‘Church Without Walls’

Southland is a church that accepts and embraces all people just as Jesus did, with a heart to serve those in our local community and beyond.
We are a contemporary church committed to worshipping God in every aspect of what we do together, and in our personal lives.

Our desire is to reflect God’s heart for family, to encourage and strengthen the people of our community, and to inspire the next generation to be all they can be.

We believe the church was never meant to be confined to a building on Sundays, but was called to be a constant presence within the community and a bridge by which people can connect with God and be welcomed into His family.

Our Sunday Service includes –
Great music, a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, a fantastic kid’s program, dynamic preaching and teaching from God’s Word, and the chance to get to know people over a cuppa.

Visit Southland and you’ll find –

‘Real people; Real God’



The Leadership

Ps. Garren and Cassia

Ps. Garren + Cassia

Pastors Garren and Cassia Walton began their journey of leading Southland Church in 2007. They have 2 daughters, Ella and Mia and have spent time in a number of locations around Australia serving within the local church.

While they love and appreciate the relaxed coastal lifestyle of the Batemans Bay region, their passion is to see God’s kingdom established here.

Garren and Cassia work closely with a dedicated team of core leaders within the local church, and they operate under the wider covering of the Apostolic Church Australia.

Southland believes that it’s not just the responsibility of the church leaders to build God’s kingdom, but that everyone is called and equipped with different gifts and talents to do so. Therefore, the leadership’s role is primarily ‘to equip God’s people to do His work and to build up the church, the body of Christ’ ( Eph 4:12)



‘Reaching and Empowering Others to Reach’

Reaching out and doing what we can to help others live fulfilling and God empowered lives is at the heart of Southland Church. Through Beyond we focus on a number of areas of need in our world, both locally and globally.

We support churches in Sri Lanka and India that are focused on changing their communities through building orphanages, schools, training centres, assisting small businesses and much more. We partner with them financially and prayerfully, and through regular communication we keep up to date with any other needs as they arise.

Locally, we support scripture programs in both our Primary and our High Schools, and we also support new church initiatives in cities, towns and small communities across Australia.

Along with these regular Beyond projects, there are various other opportunities that regularly pop up throughout the year for us to get involved locally and globally.



Acts Global Churches

Southland is one of more than 100 churches around the country that make up the Acts Global Churches. Acts Global came into being as a result of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Wales in the early years of the twentieth century.

Early years of the twentieth century, God raised up a group of people who shared a common experience of His saving grace and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, to honour Jesus Christ and serve His purposes. They looked to the bible for a God designed pattern of leadership and government that would best equip His people for service and ministry.

The first generation of Apostolic Church members were intent on taking every opportunity to communicate the life changing message that Jesus himself had delivered to mankind. By the late 1920s the Apostolic Church was established in Australia and began with a series of crusade meetings in each of our state capitals, which were attended by significant demonstrations of the healing power of God.

The Apostolic Church was birthed by, and continues to be identified with, the sovereignty of God and is well placed to continue in the foundational elements of its heritage. ACA remains unashamedly bible based, Pentecostal and missions oriented.