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Southland Church is a pentecostal church in Batemans Bay, NSW Australia. Our vision is to be a church without walls, a church open to our community. A church/people that represent Jesus well, as we have a positive impact to those we meet.

The Gospel According to Chocolate ​


Just like chocolate, as our lives take a beating parts of us will break off. If you pick up the pieces of your life that have been broken and you…

Shocking Kindness


2 Samuel 9:1-13 King David’s Shocking Kindness towards Mephibosheth, this passage paints a picture of God's Shocking Kindness towards us. God is calling all of us to show Shocking Kindness towards others,…

Good Shepherd


Jesus is the Good Shepherd! We enter into the sheepfold as we are called by name by Him. Jesus' intention was not that we stay there in our safe familiar…

Not Dead Just Sleeping


So many of us start races well, but what holds us back? God created us with natural talents, skills and abilities for a unique plan and a purpose. He didn't…



Ecclesia - we are a movement of people that don't exist just for Sunday. We were created for the whole week! Steve shows through this message that we are created…

Revival + Atmosphere


What does the church Without Walls take? Personal Revival then Corporate revival Understanding the Power of Atmosphere Revival comes through personal revelation, understanding who you are in Christ and how…

Simplify – Do What Works


Who is the church? We are - Ecclesia: Called out ones with Jesus as our head! Called to bring heaven down to earth. We are not called to conform to tradition…

Transforming Communities One Person At a Time


Jesus meets with a Samaritan Woman and shows us keys to Transforming Communities. What is your Samaria? 1. Go in to your Samaria and don't avoid it. 2. Mix with…

How Heavy Is Your Burden


A burden is good, however it must be a healthy burden! Jesus says "My yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” Mathew 11:28-30 Oxen yoked…



There is hope for the future. The kingdom of Heaven is always forward focused, don't look back, your past will consume you. God has better things in store for you…

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