There is hope for the future. The kingdom of Heaven is always forward focused, don't look back, your past will consume you. God has better things in store for you…



All of us want to walk in abundant blessings and life full of miracles. But why is it that often this isn't the case? Through the scripture of Jesus feeding…

Outward Focused


For God so loved 'Christians'..? No no no.. "For God so loved the WORLD that He gave His only son" John 3:16 Jesus highlights the importance of being outward focused…

Remember the Lord – Praise


Praise is a foundation to our faith, not because God needs our praise, but because we do! It is the tool that brings us back to God, breaks strongholds and causes…

Power of the Holy Spirit


When I go I will send one Greater, a Councillor. A councillor is someone you see not only when something is wrong. A councillor will 1. Get personal 2. Bring…

Remember The Lord – Believe


In this 6 week series we will be looking at foundational truths for our christian faith in Jesus, remember Why we do things not just What we do. This week…

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