Passage: 1 Kings 6:31, John 14:6, Isaiah 10:27, Zechariah 4
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The Olive tree


  1. Peace and relationship - peace and friendship
    Noah dove and the olive branch - peace and relationship
  2. Entry point to the presence of God - 1 Kings 6:31, John 14:6 Jesus is the doorpost to the Father, to eternity with the father. I am the way the truth and the life.

Use of the Olive Tree:

The most prominent purpose - Olive Oil was pressed from the fruit the olive.

a. Olive Oil was the main ingredient to the anointing oil Arron was anointed with.
David anointed by Samuel no-one could deny they had been anointed

Anointed to be set apart for Gods purpose, it's the beginning of the purpose and calling. It's the empowering and enabling

b. Oil for burning in a lamp - light

We need to be continually connected to Him so that we can continue to burn and shine our light for Him.

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