Double It

“Please let me receive a double portion” Elisha did receive a double portion of Elijah’s spirit and went on to perform twice the amount of miracles. This was dependent on the way Elisha sort after the spirit of God that was in...

Performance to Grace

Peter was one of the closest of Jesus disciples, he was called and chosen as the rock Christ would build His church on, yet in a moment of weekness he pulled back denied knowing Jesus and went back to his previous life based on his failure to perform…

Living Stones

You are Gods very own possession! You build a house and chose how it’s built and what goes into it. Think about this, God could have used anything and chosen anyone else, but He chose YOU to make a Home for Himself!

His Light In Us

God placed His wonderful glorious light inside us – old broken clay jars. His grace is sufficient because in our weekness He is made strong and through our brokenness and cracks He shines His light through!

Nothing Wasted

The life of Moses is so encouraging! We see the truth that the way we start our life doesn’t have to be the way we finish. Moses was born into a disadvantage, he was an outsider with a case of lost identity, he was rejected and judged by his own…